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Yoga with Julia

We were happy to be able to provide another enrichment opportunity for the girls this upcoming this past Wednesday when we had Julia Franklin from Warm It Up LLC provide the girls with an introduction to yoga.

Julia is a Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Coach, and owner of Warm It Up, LLC. As a former dancer and athlete Julia believes in the power of yoga and mindfulness practices with assisting to reach peak performance and contributing to overall health and wellbeing.

Yoga has been found to increase flexibility, core strength, endurance, range of motion, balance, agility, and focus as it relieves stress and muscle tension. It improves posture, body mechanics, and awareness dramatically reducing the risk of injury. Possibly most importantly, yoga teaches individuals the importance and power of controlling your breathing as a tool to improve performance across multiple areas and fields in your life.

It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity for our Cats to get to know a bit more about the benefits of Yoga in sport. Thanks again Julia!

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