Class of 2018 Boys

  • Levi Ahl- Elmira College (D3)
  • Cam Bourgeois- SUNY Polytechnic Institute (D3)
  • Brody Cepiel- SUNY Plattsburgh (D3)
  • Jarrod Coletta- Western New England University (D3)
  • Mikey Considine- SUNY New Paltz (D3)
  • Jack Ellis- Johnson and Wales University (D3)
  • Tyler Graber- Dominican College (D2)
  • Zachary Lanoue- Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (USCAA)
  • Schuyler Mann- SUNY New Paltz (D3)
  • Brett Miller- Union College (D3)
  • Derek Nolan- Villanova University (D1)
  • Ryan Uccellini- Fairfield University (D1)
  • Conor Willsie- Union College (D3)

Class of 2017 Girls

  • Ashley Abel: Clarkson University(D3)
  • Lana Albert: Williams College(D3)
  • Bridget Austin: Merrimack College(D1)
  • Krissy Bikowicz: American International College(D2)
  • Crista Cardillo: University of Mary Washington(D3)
  • Brooke Clough: SUNY Plattsburgh(D3)
  • Sara Covell: The College at Brockport(D3)
  • Dora Hayes: Binghamton University(D1)
  • Carolynn Krohn: Siena College(D1)
  • Kristen Maher: Adelphi University(D2)
  • Lauren Marticello: Endicott College(D3)
  • Erin Valente: SUNY Cortland(D3)
  • Shannon Van Tassel: Farmingdale State College(D3)
  • Julia Voss: Franklin Marshall College(D3)
  • Ya Ya Van Ness: Boston College(D1)
  • Lauren Paravella - Sage Colleges (D3)

Class of 2008 Girls

  • Alicia D' Alessandro - St. Bonaventure (D1)
  • Ashleigh Barone - Siena College (D1) - Siena all-time leading scorer
  • Ashley Clemens - SUNY Oneonta (D3)
  • Christina Boni - Colgate University (D1)
  • Dana DeSimone - SUNY Oneonta (D3)
  • Devon Lutz - Manhattan College (D1)
  • Kathleen Frear - SUNY Potsdam (D3)
  • Kelsey Whalen - Roger Williams University (D3)
  • Marie Mutryn - Swarthmore College (D3)
  • Marissa Wing - Georgetown University (D1)
  • Meaghan Goodwin - Colgate University (D1)
  • Meredith Clinton - SUNY Oneonta (D3)
  • Rebecca Millock - Harvard University (D1)

Class of 2007 Girls

  • Jenna Placke - Siena College (D1)
  • Kate Bosey - Saint Francis University (D1)
  • Maria DeMatteo - St. Johns University (D1) & Siena College (D1)
  • Brooke Knowlton - Boston College (D1) - also US Youth National Team poolFebruary 2007 - Congratulations to Niskayuna senior soccer player Brooke Knowlton who has been named a High School All-American by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.​Knowlton, who will play on scholarship at Boston College next fall, scored 40 goals this season, good for third in Section II. She was one of 78 players in the country and the only one from Section II to receive the honor.​Knowlton also was named a NSCAA Girls Youth All-American for her play on regional and national teams.​Those who have seen Knowlton play know her physical style of play and prowess for scoring goals will make her a success at the college level. Many more awards await her in the next few years

Class of 2019 Girls

Aly Fish - Hartwick College (D3) Amya Naja - Le Moyne College (D2) Caitlin Wania - Sienna College (D1) Cydney Owens - Smith College (D3) Delaney Holohan - Clarkson University (D3) Grace Hotaling - George Mason University (D1) Hannah Guidi - Stonehill College (D2) Izzy Audette - SUNY Fredonia (D3) Jen Bartlett - Colgate University (D1) Jen Kirker - Pace University (D2) Kallan Shertzer - Sage Colleges (D3) Loryn DonVito - The College of Saint Rose (D2) Marissa Gordon - Franklin Pierce University (D3) Mia Milliken - Union College (D3) Michelle Clarkin - Sacred Heart University (D1) Mollie Boone - Union College (D3) Penny Rocchio - Bowdoin College (D3) Rebecca Fankhanel - Hudson Valley Community College (JUCO) Sarah Kohls - Clarkson University (D3) Madison Knowles - Nazareth (D3)

Class of 2019 Boys

  • Gabe Comenzo - WPI (D3)
  • Ben Kogan - RPI (D3)
  • Ethan Brunell - SUNY Oneonta (D3)
  • Wil Lawson - Springfield College (D3)
  • Evan Farr - Union College (D3)
  • Giovanni Gomez - College of St. Rose( D2)
  • Anthony Carlucci - Assumption College( D2)
  • Jared Everleth - Nazareth College (D3)
  • Eddie Greene - SUNY Poly (D3)
  • Brady Van Epps - Brown University (D1)
  • Bergen Criswell - Wells Colleg3 (D3)
  • Michael Lanfear - Clarkson University (D3)
  • Ryan Postlethwait - Union College (D3)

Class of 2018 Girls

  • Amanda Lobban - SUNY Cortland (D3)
  • Anna Kuhl - Grace University (NAIA D1)
  • Bella Dworkin - Union College (D3)
  • Brooke Clough - Hudson Valley Community College (JUCO)
  • Carrie "Pips" Krohn - Siena College (D1)
  • Emma Harrigan - Clarkson University (D3)
  • Holly Moore - SUNY Geneseo (D3)
  • Izzy Lynch - University of Connecticut (D1)
  • Kelsey Kohler - University of Connecticut (D1)

Class of 2016 Girls

  • Adri MacPhee - Johnson and Wales (D3)
  • Alyssa Kogelmann - Connecticut College (D3)
  • Hannah Munro - Sacred Heart University (D1)
  • Jess Schaeffer - Sage Colleges (D3)
  • Kylee Babcock - SUNY Geneseo (D3)
  • Marika Contompasis - Union College (D3)
  • Rachel Parsons - SUNY Binghamton (D1)
  • Rachel Walsh - SUNY Geneseo (D3)
  • Sara Kogelmann - Connecticut College (D3)
  • Taylor Dorado - Siena College (D1)
  • Claire Karafanda - Saint Lawrence (D3)
  • Sarah Cook - North Carolina Wesleyan College (D3)
  • Talia Crisafulli - SUNY Geneseo (D3)

Class of 2015 Girls

  • Elizabeth Guidi - Nazareth College (D3)
  • Kylee Arno - Campbell University (D1)
  • Megan Gallacchi - Nazareth College (D3)
  • Stephanie Tate - Union College (D3)
  • Taylor Lockwood - Harwick College (D3)

Class of 2014 Girls

  • Alyssa Giordano - Emmauel College (D3)
  • Emily Center - Manhattan College (D1)
  • Jackie Romano - St. John Fisher (D3)
  • Jenna Retell - Sage College (D3)
  • Julia Retell - Sage College (D3)
  • Kate Essepian - Siena College (D1)
  • Lauren Koogelman - Hobart & Willams Smith Colleges (D3)
  • Liisi Vink-Lainas - Penn State University (D1)
  • Maddie Karafanda - University of Rochester (D3)
  • Makala Foley - Marist College (D1)
  • Mariela Jacome- St. John’s University (D1) - also Ecuadorian National Team
  • Meghan Doyle - Notre Dame (D1)
  • Morgan Burchhardt - The College of Saint Rose (D2)
  • Paige Byrne - Roger Williams University (D3)
  • Paolino Curto - Siena College (D1)

Class of 2016 Boys

  • Marco Curto - Siena College (D1)
  • Matteo Curto - Siena College (D1)
  • Matt Crisafulli - Siena College (D1)

Class of 2015 Boys

  • Kyle Clemens - Sacred Heart (D1) & The College of Saint Rose (D2)

Class of 2014 Boys

  • Paolino Curto - Siena College (D1)

Class of 2013 Girls

  • Angela Luizzi - SUNY Albany (D1) & Hartwick College (D3)
  • Brianna Blunck - Fordham University (D1)
  • Gabby Cotugno - St. John Fisher (D3)
  • Hannah Moran - SUNY New Paltz (D3)
  • Jean Mary Chakmakas - University of Rochester (D3)
  • Demi Feder - Bowdoin College (D3)
  • Katie Nickles - University of Rhode Island (D1)
  • Miranda Haraughty - St. John's University (D1)
  • Sammy Blizzard - The College of Saint Rose (D2)
  • Skye Kaler - SUNY New Paltz (D3)

Class of 2012 Girls

  • Nicole Shively - The College of Saint Rose (D2)

Class of 2011 Girls

  • Julie Lowenstein - Roger Williams University (D3)
  • Kristina Maksuti - Fordham University (D1)
  • Marjana Maksuti - Marist College (D1) and Fordham University (D1)
  • Meeghan Arno - The College of Saint Rose (D2)
  • Renae Cairns - Davidson College (D1)
  • Tyler Carr - Nazareth College (D3)
  • Schuyler Archambault- Endicott (D3)
  • Morgan Berry- Hartford (D1)
  • Katlyn Brown- MCLA (D3)
  • Rachel Edgin- Assumption (D2)
  • Julie Loewenstein-Roger Williams (D3)
  • Kara Mashuta- Union College (D3)
  • Meghan Mosch-Oneonta (D3)
  • Courtney Pierce- Niagra (D1)
  • Laura Potter- Centenary College (D3)
  • Gianna Sergovich- Sage (D3)
  • Stacey Sylvetsky- Union College (D3)
  • Alison Thompson- University at Albany (D1)
  • Maggie Bellknap- Amherst (D3)

Class of 2013 Boys

Class of 2012 Boys

Class of 2011 Boys

Class of 2010 Girls

Class of 2010 Boys

  • David Clemens - Virginia Tech (D1)

Class of 2009 Girls

Class of 2009 Boys

Class of 2008 Boys

Class of 2007 Boys

Class of 2006 Girls

  • Ashley Mewhorter - University of Buffalo (D1) & SUNY Cortland (D3)
  • Brittany Fearnside - US Military Academy-West Point (D1)
  • Cate Vincent - Providence College (D1)
  • Jaclyn Levie - Manhattan College (D1)
  • Kelsey Rdzanek - University of Richmond (D1)
  • Leah Zappone - UNC Charlotte (D1)
  • Lindsey Rood - University of Rochester (D3)
  • Marissa Shibley - SUNY Stony Brook (D1) & Siena College (D1)
  • Megan Stevens - Hobart & Willams Smith Colleges (D3)
  • Mia Simone - Union College (D3)
  • Nicole Volpi - SUNY Potsdam (D3)
  • Nikki Mazzoccone - Virginia Wesleyan (D3)
  • Rebecca Skudder - Union College (D3)
  • Shannon Neville - Centenary College (D3) & SUNY Plattsburgh (D3)
  • Ashley Moore - University of North Carolina (D1) - won 3 national championships at UNC, also US Youth National Team pool
December 2006 - Congratulations to Ashley Moore as North Carolina captures it’s 18th NCAA championship. Ashley was rated among the Top 25 recruits in the nation coming out of high school in 2006 by Soccer Buzz magazine...a very fast flank personality...can play either in the midfield or at Anson Dorrance describes Moore as a feisty ball of fire on the field...he praises her determination and her energy...says she will challenge to play right away at Carolina.
A two time All-American, Ashley has been an integral member of both the Under-16 Girls National Team and the Under-17 Women’s National Team in recent years.

Class of 2006 Boys

Class of 2005 Girls

  • Ashley Clinton - Nazareth College (D3)

Class of 2005 Boys

Class of 2017 Boys

Class of 2020 Girls

Ally Ross - SUNY Geneseo (D3) Ava Panto - Endicott College (D3) Emily Drake - Iona College (D1) Gabbi Daumont - Utica College (D3) Ianah Mackey - Manhattan College (D1) Isabella O'Clair - The College of Saint Rose (D2) Kyla Burns - Temple University (D1) Margot Nezaj - SUNY Albany (D1) Moe Robinson - Assumption College (D2) Olivia Maltbie - Babson College (D3) Olivia Piraino - SUNY Albany (D1) Sofia Cassano - Bryant University (D1) Sofia D'Angleo- Brockport (D3) Autumn Soukup - Carnegie Mellon (not playing) Gabby Alston - SUNY Fredonia (D3) Izzy Dennison - Buffalo (not playing) Megan Hart - UMass Lowell (D1) Meg Piser - Union College (D3) Olivia Raucci - SUNY Geneseo (D3)

Class of 2020 Boys

  • Ian Winchell- Utica College (D3)
  • Colden Abbott- New Paltz (D3)
  • Nathan Powell- Sage (D3)

Class of 2021 Girls

Abby Ray - SUNY Albany (D1, Basketball) Ashley Cirilla - SUNY Binghamton (D1) Bella Parrotte - Western New England (D3) Bella Tronco - Bentley (not playing) Breann Evertson - Johnson and Wales (D3) Bria LaBella - McGill (U) Caroline Canty - Boston University (not playing) Cat Gaylord - Arizona State (not playing) Chase Livesey - Castleton (D3) Christina Cummings - Saint Michaels (D2) Corinne Jackson - Manhattan (D1) Dani Rubino - SUNY Fredonia (D3) Emma Anderson - SUNY Buffalo (D1) Eva Pickert - SUNY Oneonta (D3) Isabelle Trostle - SUNY Albany (not playing) Izzy Griswold - Cornell (not playing) Jane Leader - SUNY Geneseo (D3) Joanna Van Royen - SUNY Albany (D1) Jules Monlea - SUNY Fredonia (D3) Julia Hanlon - Endicott (D3) Katie Hotaling - SUNY Brockport (D3) Katie Sellers - SUNY Fredonia (D3) Kaylee Alix - Boston University (not playing) Keelyn Peacock - Arkansas State (D1) Kylie Lumley - Elmira (D3) Lauren Conti - Southern New Hampshire (D2) Lauren DeWeese - SUNY Geneseo (not playing) Leila Bennett - Clarkson (not playing) Lexie Thompson - Hartwick (D3) Lindsey Matthews - SUNY Geneseo (D3) Maddie Stallmer - UMass Boston (D3) Marissa DeMartino - Providence (not playing) Marissa Mastracco - William Smith (D3) Megan Bell - Rochester (D3, Track and Field) Megan Krohn - SUNY Albany (D1) Olivia Martuscello - Manhattan (D1) Olivia Olsen - Providence (D1, Basketball) Rachel Bortnick - Elmira (D3) Rebecca Kohls - SUNY Potsdam (D3) Sam Germano - Worcester Polytechnic (D3)