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core values

The following acronym, DEDICATE, is to remind us of the work it takes both on and off the field to succeed, but more so to remind us of the core values that we should possess at all times while traveling on our road to reaching our goals.  


                                         Devotion, to achieving the goals we set for ourselves and to others

                                         Enthusiasm, bringing joy, passion, and effort to all we do

                                         Determination, to see things through even when bumps in the road occur

                                         Integrity, holding ourselves and those around us to a high moral standard   

                                        Care, providing compassion and service as a club and to local communities

                                        Alliance, building healthy and strong relationships in-and-outside of the club

                                        Together, we strive to help each other achieve personal and collective goals 

                                        Excellence, we strive for this in everything we do both on and off the field  

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