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Aaron WIllis.jpg

Aaron Willis

2008 USYS NL Assistant Coach,

2008 Impact NPL Assistant Coach

BradUtter (1).jpg

Brad Utter

 2005 USYS NL Assistant Coach,

2007 USYS NL Assistant Coach

Deanna Trongone.jpeg

Deanna Trongone

2010 Staff Coach,

2013/14 Staff Coach

Garo Balian.jpg

Garo Balian

2008 CDYSL Head Coach,

2009 Impact NPL Head Coach


John Lauterjung

U8 Lil Cats Staff Coach

Louis Kinsella.jpg

Louis Kinsella

 2009 Staff Coach,

2010 Staff Coach


Shawn Willis 

2008 USYS NL Head Coach,

2008 Impact NPL Head Coach, Goalkeeper Trainer


Tommy Bourgeois

 2013/14 Age Group Lead


Val D'Aloia

2009 USYS NL Head Coach

Alaina Lange.jpg

Alaina Lange

2006 Impact NPL Assistant Coach, 2007 Impact NPL Assistant Coach


Brain Speck 

 2005 USYS NL Head Coach,

2007 USYS NL 

Gabe Kleinert.jpg

Gabe Kleinert

2011 Staff Coach

Joe Powers.jpg

Joe Powers 

U18 CDYSL Head Coach,

2012 Age Group Lead


Kyle Meoli

2009 Staff Coach,

2012 Staff Coach

Marisah Boucher.jpeg

Marisah Boucher

2010 CDYSL Head Coach

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 11.43.29 AM.png

Thomas O'Daniels

 2006 USYS NL Head Coach,

2009 staff coach


Tyler Denton

U8 Lil Cats Age Group Lead

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