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National League PRO Orlando

Day 4 at the National League PRO event in Orlando has the 04 girls jumping for joy! The girls end their first event top of the table in their bracket at 3-0-0 following a 6-0 win today over Miami Breakers.

Overall the 07, 06, and 04 girls went 4-3-2 in Orlando, with the 04s sitting at the top of their bracket while the 06s are in 5th and the 07s in 6th.

Across two events now the girls have had the opportunity to play top teams in the country from Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and Utah.

Safe travels to the 04 girls returning and look forward to preparing to train and get ready for the next events in Florida (08 girls) in January and Arizona (04, 06, and 07 girls) in March!

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