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COVID-19 Updates: Indoor Protocols

With the move to indoor practices this week, it is extremely important that all families abide by the following rules with practices indoors:

- Attendance and health checks completed before practice on TeamSnap

- Masks are to be worn at all times by coaches, players, and parents

- Parents are not allowed on the fields and are not congregating in the lobby during practices. Please keep the facility clear until it is time to pick up the girls and be mindful of social distancing at all times.

- Practices will end promptly at the times identified, at which times parents will be allowed on to the field to pick up their child and exit in a timely manner to get all of the girls out of the building before the next training group begins checking in.

- Families should be arriving for check-in for their practice no more then 5 minutes before the scheduled practice start time to allow the previous training group time to exit the facility and prevent congestion/congregations

We appreciate your diligence and support with following these guidelines so that the girls can continue to train and soccer be a part of their lives during these challenging times. Please bear with us as we fine tune this process, as you all know situations change on a regular basis and we are constantly re-assessing and adjusting our operations to meet the changing needs that COVID presents us with.

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