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Scouting Zone Webinar a Success

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This past Monday, the Alleycats teamed up with Scouting zone to provide an online that covered the ways that players on the pathway to college can take advantage of this downtime and remain active in the recruiting process. It also includes a FREE 4-Week Recruiting Plan. The club saw a great turnout with over 60 families tuning into the webinar. See below for three important reminders from Scouting Zone after this week's webinar:

1) You can find the full 4 Week Recruiting Plan on our website. Click here - lots of details are included to keep you on track and answers to your potential questions. Highly recommend using this as your guide.  2) We know times are tough for everyone right now, as a special thank you for attending our webinar we activated a 50% off promo code (valid through 4/10) if you choose to upgrade your SZ player profile to the OwnTheZone subscription.  Follow these steps to activate the College Search function/emails:

  • Login to your SZ Player Account

  • Click “Yes” to upgrade to OwnTheZone

  • Choose Annual Plan $99.99

  • Enter Promo Code: COVID19Zoomers

  • New price will be $49.99 (reg price $99.99) for this year

3) If you are looking for additional assistance in your recruiting process or would like a free recruiting assessment with our partner at NCSA, Click Here

It was great connecting with everyone, be on the lookout for more zoom webinars. And don’t forget… now is a GREAT time to be pressing forward with your recruiting efforts! The more effort you put in, the more opportunities you will have to play college soccer.  Stay safe!

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