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Jacome makes Ecuadorian World Cup Squad!

Mariela pictured above on April 11 on her first cap for the Ecuadorian National Team (taken after a game against Colombia)

We are very proud of the ambition, talent, perserverance, and all around wonderful personality that Mariela has.  We were lucky to share some moments with Marilea on her journey, and will continue to follow her as she continues into competition in Canada.

Click Here For an Interview with Mariela Jacome!


How did the Alleycats prepare you for D1/National competition?


Alleycats prepared me for D1/National competition by teaching me the beautiful game. I was an athletic kid with some natural talent my first year with Alleycats but was very rough around the edges. My coaches Brian Bold and Ed Guthrie (Alleycats 18 Lynx Coaches) taught me game tactics and helped me improve my technical skills every practice. There was so much I didn’t know about the game, different formations, different skills, different types of passes that they taught me. I was very lucky that Bold and Guth took a chance on me and pushed me hard to become a better player every year.

What is your greatest memory playing for the Alleycats?

There were so many great memories made during my years with Alleycats. My favorite memory is winning State Cup for the first time and going to the Orange Classic with the Alleycats Lynx in Florida during Christmas time.

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